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The PureFFin dewaxing process is a solvent-based crystallization process that dissolves hard wax from waxy tubing. PureFFin can be used alone or with crude oil depending on the hardness of the wax. Of all options for dewaxing ( scraping, coil tubing, xylene, xylene & diesel, toluene, condensate, hot diesel, hot crude, trichloroethylene, methanol amine ) ONLY PureFFin which came on the market in 2004 dissolves wax at chemical composition level and does not coagulate even at lowest temperatures. The goal of PureFFin dewaxing is to remove hard wax

PureFFin dewaxing is a physical process that uses Hot Oil Truck in heating a mixture of PureFFin and Crude Oil to a temperature of 140-180OF. The mixture is introduce into the waxy tubing down to about 5000ft and then closed in for a minimum of 24hrs. The PureFFin chemical also adheres to tubing wall to prevent future adhesion of wax. PureFFin chemical formulation modifies the structure of wax and increases flow within the tubing. Because PureFFin is a hydrocarbon based chemical, after 24hrs the entire wax is converted to crude and is discharge through flowlines etc, Our chemical clears the tubing to original size and you can drift full bore.

Diagram: Wax Removal Model.


The diagram shows the steps and efficiency of PureFFin in wax removal.


Chart: Pure-FFin Treatment

This is pre and post PureFFin graphical chart showing the production history of Oben 36T.

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