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Pure-FFin is considered an inexpensive alternative to removal of oil pipe deposition.  Pure-FFin applications are more effective than the use of acids,  hot oil treatments and mechanical pigging historically utilized for restoration of oil production.  Pure-FFin represents a major technological breakthrough for the oil producer, allowing for easy application without the need to use complex and expensive equipment.  Many untold millions of dollars have been spend in R&D over the last decade in search of the best solution to this problem.  We are now introducing this product as the solution for the paraffin wax problem in oil well production. Pure-FFin use means profit for you oil well.

- Pure-FFin Applications

The application of the Pure-FFin’s new formulation will result in production increases to levels equal to at pre blockage production. Depending on the degree of blockage, this can be as high as 300%. Pure-FFin is a specialty agent that has taken 7 years to develop. Pure-FFin penetrates and breaks up the paraffin that typically deposit on the walls of oil well tubing over time, restricting valuable oil production.  Pure-FFin prevents redeposition of these materials during the "soak" cycle, keeping the melted material in fluid suspension until the well is flushed.

Pure-FFin is sold in ready to use form ready to injected into the well bore, using a surge pump or similar device. Typically, a water truck equipped with a high-pressure pump is used depending on the quantity required. For lesser amounts for shallower wells, drums or similar type containers may be the source containers. Once the Pure-FFin is injected, the well is shut in and allowed to soak for 24to 48 hours. Then the well bore is fully opened and allowed to "flush" into the production system. Pure-FFin is fully compatible with the crude oil and will not cause any problems in the crude oil separation. Applications typically will need to be repeated in nine to twelve months, depending on the natural production decline in each individual oil well. The characteristics of Pure-FFin’s action on oil well depositions are attached. Similar applications to crude oil for both maintenance and plug removals are possible.

Pure-FFin is considered an inexpensive alternative to removal of paraffin in oil pipes. Pure-FFin applications are a fraction of the costs of acids, hot oil treatments and mechanical pigging historically utilized for restoration of oil production. Pure-FFin represents a major technological breakthrough for the oil producer, allowing for easy application without the need to use complex and expensive equipment.

- Pure-FFin’s Characteristics





Setting Up Oil Well for Pure-FFin Application

The well was taken off line and prepared for Pure-FFin application.  The Test well selected was producing 7 barrels per day.  The operator locked out the electrical and closed the valves properly.

  Preparing the Truck for Pure-FFin Treatment

The Hot Oil Truck is loaded with the desired amount of Pure-FFin mixture and moved into position.  The temperature of the truck is raised to the desired level and the product is allowed to mix.


Attaching the Injection Hose

The injection hoses are connected to the well.  The injection hoses are connected to either the tubing or the casing access pipe.  Care should be taken when making the hose connections, making sure that the connections are secure and capable of withstanding pressures of up to 175 psi.



Checking the Pure-FFin Solution

The Hot Oil Truck with the proper amount of Pure-FFin raised to the desired temperature and mixed properly, is now ready to be injected into the well.

Injection of Pure-FFin Into the Oil Well

Pure-FFin is injected into the well at predetermined temperature, pressure with specified amounts at predetermined intervals.  After the injection process is completed, the well valves should be shut off and the hoses disconnected.

Soak Period

The well should be allowed to soak with the Pure-FFin solution for up to 24 hours, depending on the specification of the well and the degree of paraffin blockage.  After the soak period, the well should be put back in service and the increase of production should be noted.  The production of the well will be increase to the pre blockage level approximately 21 bpd.

- Pure-FFin Treatment Greatly Enhances Production


Schematic of Pure-FFin
Production Cycle

This schematic illustrates the entire Pure-FFin application procedure. In the first part of the cycle, the Pure-FFin is injected through the well bore. Enough solution is injected to fill the well bore and push out into the formation immediately surrounding the perforated section in the pay zone. In the second part of the cycle, the valves are closed and the Pure-FFin solution is allowed to soak. During this soak cycle, typically 24 to 48 hours, the Pure-FFin penetrates and loosens deposits and suspends them in the solution. In the third phase, the production valve is opened rapidly and the well is flushed directly into the production system, allowing the dissolved deposits to flush out of the well into the production system. Pure-FFin is completely compatible with the oil throughout the production cycle.


  1. First, calculate the output production in number of barrels per day. (24 hour day)
  2. For each typical oil well to be treated (assumption of 5, 000 foot depth), have 800 to 1000 gallons of Pure-FFin available.
  3.  Make sure the oil well has first been taken off production, and that all-electrical connections have been locked out. Also make sure that all valves from and to the well have been closed.
  4. Prepare a connection to feed the Pure-FFin solution to the well.  Using a Hot Oil truck equipped with a heater and pump, disconnect the production line and attach a hose connection that will fit the Hot Oil truck hose.
  5.  Prepare 800 to 1000 gallons or the required amount of Pure-FFin in a Hot Oil Truck. With the Pure-FFin solution into the Hot Oil Truck, it is now ready to inject into the well.
  6. Inject the Pure-FFin solution into the well bore at approximately 25 - 150 psi (this may vary depending on the formation porosity’s). Then close all connections immediately to let the well soak.
  7. Allow the well to soak for up to 24 hours. The soak time is temperature dependant. Then place the well back in production and completely flush the well bore.
  8. Pump the well into normal production tanks. Any residual Pure-FFin will dissipate into the oil mixture and will not cause any adverse effects to the oil.
  9. Each formation will create different effects on the well bore due to paraffin content, temperature, depth and formation porosity’s. Thus, the application described above should be repeated as necessary to maintain optimal production from each well.
  10. Calculate the output production of oil from the well in number of barrels per day. (24 hour day)


 Pure-FFin is available to be shipped to any location in the world. We invite you the visit our facility to witness a demonstration of the test protocol showing the effectiveness of this revolutionary new technology product that has taken years to develop. PURE ONE ENVIRONMENTAL, INC. offices located in Southern California with representatives in Tennessee, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Russia, Singapore and India. 

The product is shipped in drums in containers or tanker containers. Product is immediately available for shipment.

PURE-FFIN Introduction Video 300k 

PURE-FFIN Test Protocol Video 300k 

PURE-FFIN Material Safety Data Sheet


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